Maple Ice Cream

This isn’t really a recipe, but it is a good story.

I started my internship at Google this week, and it’s awesome. Unfortunately, I’m cooking a lot less because I eat at work everyday, but I will keep cooking on the weekends. However, today we had an Iron Chef competitions for the interns!

My team was the best, obviously. We made sliders with mustard grilled into the meat like you can get at In N Out (and grilled portobellos for us veggies), plus potato salad. The other team was making a dessert, so I got to thinking… The only recipe I really know by heart is ice cream. So I asked the chef who was supervising (we were cooking in one of the cafes on campus) if I could use the froyo machine. He said yes.

Unfortunately, the froyo machine had already been taken apart for cleaning, and the chef had no idea how to put it back together. While he tinkered with it, I made my super huge batch of ice cream.

1 gallon heavy cream
1/2 gallon soy milk (I didn’t immediately find the milk, and this was a competition with a time limit!)
1 quart granulated sugar
1/2 quart maple syrup (the vanilla extract was hiding somewhere in the kitchen)

In the end, the chef never did get the machine to work. But, of course, this is Google, and nothing can be wasted. Therefore, my ice cream will be made and served tomorrow at lunch!! I’m so excited to see how it turns out!

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