Disclaimer: This isn’t much of a recipe post.

I bought this cookie cutter last summer when I was working for Google in California, but I never used it. I always wanted to try decorating sugar cookies, but I’ve never seen meringue powder to make the icing at the store! Then this weekend I found out there’s a huge cake decorating store, NY Cake, only a few blocks from my apartment!

I used the recipes from Bake at 350 for the cookies and the icing – cut the icing recipe in half though. I was worried it wouldn’t come out so great because I don’t have a mixer – I had to mix the whole thing with a fork – but it was fine.

I forgot to pick up a squeeze bottle from the supply store though, so I had to flood the icing from a bag. They came out okay, but I made a huge mess all over my table!

I brought them to work today to share with my team. Naturally, they were a hit.

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